Chiropractic Can Reduce Your Risk of Having a Cesarean

This month is Cesarean awareness month. The rate of C-sections in the US is now 1 in 3 pregnancies. It’s important to know the risks of having a C-section, and how Webster Technique can be a solution to all those breech babies out there!

A few FACTS about cesarean rates in the US:

  • A cesarean section is major abdominal surgery. When a cesarean is necessary, it can be a life saving technique for both mother and infant.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) states that no region in the world is justified in having a cesarean rate greater than 10 to 15 percent.
  • The cesarean section rates in the US was 23.8% in 1989, and now 33%.
  • A cesarean section poses documented medical risks to the mother’s health, including infections, hemorrhage, transfusion, injury to other organs, anesthesia complications, psychological complications, and a maternal mortality two to four times greater than that for a vaginal birth.
  • An elective cesarean section increases the risk to the infant of premature birth and respiratory distress syndrome, both of which are associated with multiple complications, intensive care and burdensome financial costs. Even mature babies, the absences of labor increases the risk of breathing problems and other complications.
  • Cesareans can hinder the opportunity for early mother-newborn interaction, breastfeeding, and the establishment of family bonds; all of which contribute to a condition called post-partum depression.
  • In 1989, 81.5% of all US women with a previous cesarean had a repeat cesarean. Now this number is close to 90% due to complications that can occur, such as a loss in elasticity as a result of scar tissue. This can cause the uterus to rupture before the end of gestation, which puts the mortality of both the mother and child at risk!

Most cesareans performed today are not necessary.  Cesareans were originally performed due to a lack of nutrients during childhood and adolescence causing a condition called rickets. This caused the pelvis to soften and deform to where it would not allow the baby to safely travel down the birth canal. Since then, cesareans have been used to aid in the delivery of breech babies. Now, cesareans are being performed due to personal preferences, stalled labor, breech presentations, high risk pregnancies, multiple babies, etc.

In Chiropractic there is a technique called Webster Technique. If focuses on a common misalignment in the pelvis. The uterus is attached to the pelvis by several different ligaments. During specific pelvic misalignments, stress can be placed on the ligaments causing the uterus to become more rigid. Thus, allowing the baby to have a more difficult time moving around into the proper position. By adjusting the pelvis, many breech babies, approximately 90%, will be able to turn into the vertex position, allowing for a vaginal birth.

To read more about how Webster Technique can aid in reducing your risk of having a cesarean, please visit this link.

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