Are you doing it wrong?

posturePosture is one thing that is often overlooked in today’s society. We choose comfort over comfort…What? Having poor posture may be comfortable at the time, but it can contribute to several uncomfortable pain and degenerative conditions. The 4 ‘not-so-good’ postures above can lead to tight and overused muscles, as well as weak muscles. A muscle imbalance can lead to joint misalignments. When joints are misaligned they do not function properly. The joint surfaces may rub together wrong, thus causing pain and is the first step in causing degeneration.

As a chiropractor, we can re-align a joint all we want. But, if we don’t address the problem, (the muscles and ultimately the patient’s posture) the misalignment will return just as before. As a patient, we must make a conscious effort to work with our doctors to address our posture and prevent our condition from getting worse or to even reverse it.

I know, exercises aren’t convenient or easy. But, neither is pain that we will experience when we attempt everyday activities. Wouldn’t it be great to pick up our kids without experiencing back or shoulder pain, or walking up the stairs without knee pain?

Having the correct posture will help us to function better for everyday life, sports activities, and most of all keep us out of pain.

Look for future posts about exercises to reverse our poor postures!


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