Lavender Essential Oil

So many benefits, and it smells so good!Fun Fact: A French scientist, Rene Gattefosse, was the first to discover lavender’s ability to promote tissue regeneration and speed wound healing when he severely burned his arm in a laboratory accident!Lavender oil is steam distilled from the flowers of the lavender plant. There are many medical properties … Continue reading Lavender Essential Oil


You know, those pesky weeds that take over your yard...They may be invasive, but lucky for us, dandelions are an excellent food and herbal medicine that anyone can find, grow, and put to use. Dandelions are a rich source of beta-carotene which our bodies convert into vitamin A. They are also rich in vitamin C, fiber, … Continue reading Dandelions

Tea Tree Oil

The ultimate skin healing solution! With people living busier lives, stress has its way of showing itself. Some people can deal with it gracefully, but others, not so much. For most people, acne is a 'teenage thing' that goes away when our hormones straighten out after adolescence. Stress and other external pressures, such as diet, … Continue reading Tea Tree Oil


How can something this healthy, taste so good? Cherries come into season starting in June and continue throughout the summer months. There are several types of cherries, with different nutritional benefits. For instance, sweet cherries are high in fiber and vitamin C; whereas, sour or tart cherries have higher amounts of both vitamin C and … Continue reading Cherries