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Rib Dysfunction

How can ribs be “dysfunctional” Nearly all your ribs are attached in 2 places: at your spine in your back & your sternum in the front of the chest. Recent trauma, poor posture, less than ideal sleeping patterns & many other factors can all result in a mechanical dysfunction between your ribs & their attachments. … Continue reading Rib Dysfunction


“How often should I get an adjustment?”

I get asked this question frequently. My answer varies from time to time, but usually sounds like this. “It depends. Everyone is different.” What do I mean by this answer? Let’s break it down… Chiropractic care is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ healthcare model. By this I mean, not everyone is the same, has the same job, … Continue reading “How often should I get an adjustment?”

Scapular Retraction Exercise

Here is another great exercise to go along with your routine to eliminate that Forward Head & Shoulders posture. The muscles that are needing attention with this exercise are the rhomboids, lower trapezius and the serratus anterior muscles. These muscles are particularly weak in people who have this posture abnormality. When these muscle become weak, … Continue reading Scapular Retraction Exercise

Posterior Cervical Translation Exercise

Remember that post about Forward Head & Shoulders? Well here is one of the ways we can be proactive and prevent/treat this postural abnormality. We’ve all seen it before, mainly in the elderly population. But that was then, this is now being seen in the younger population. This is likely due to the amount of … Continue reading Posterior Cervical Translation Exercise