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Are you doing it wrong?Posture is one thing that is often overlooked in today’s society. We choose comfort over comfort…What? Having poor posture may be comfortable at the time, but it can contribute to several uncomfortable pain and degenerative conditions. The 4 ‘not-so-good’ postures above can lead to tight and overused muscles, as well as … Continue reading Posture


Tea Tree Oil

The ultimate skin healing solution! With people living busier lives, stress has its way of showing itself. Some people can deal with it gracefully, but others, not so much. For most people, acne is a 'teenage thing' that goes away when our hormones straighten out after adolescence. Stress and other external pressures, such as diet, … Continue reading Tea Tree Oil


How can something this healthy, taste so good? Cherries come into season starting in June and continue throughout the summer months. There are several types of cherries, with different nutritional benefits. For instance, sweet cherries are high in fiber and vitamin C; whereas, sour or tart cherries have higher amounts of both vitamin C and … Continue reading Cherries