Posterior Cervical Translation Exercise

Remember that post about Forward Head & Shoulders? Well here is one of the ways we can be proactive and prevent/treat this postural abnormality.
We’ve all seen it before, mainly in the elderly population. But that was then, this is now being seen in the younger population. This is likely due to the amount of time we are spending on electronic devices (texting, staring at a computer screen, or playing games on your favorite gaming console).

Imagine the amount of pain, especially neck, upper back, or headaches that an older person experiences. Not many connect the dots to addressing their posture. Maybe because they do not see it, or don’t have “loved ones” to point it out.

Well here is one part of the solution!

This is a simple exercise that can be done sitting, standing, laying down etc.

First, tuck your chin. Then, push your head back.

This exercise can be done lying on your back with a pillow under your head for resistance. Or sitting in a chair using a resistance band (the resistance band is to be place behind your head and held out in front with both hands). You may also use gravity by laying on your stomach and lifting your face off the ground.

Regardless of how you perform this exercise, the goal is to strengthen your deep neck flexors. This gives the muscles as the base of your skull a break.

*Although this is a simple exercise, it can be easily performed wrong. Please visit a motion specialist (Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Fitness Trainer etc.) when adding new exercises to you routine. They can help you to properly perform these exercises and modify them based on your needs!

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